Dream Sequence

Creating Custom Tap Tempo Tremolo Effects with Dream Sequence

Preset 10 of Dream Sequence’s User Bank can be used to create a tap tempo tremolo effect, as
its pattern only contains the “middle octave.” Use the Shape knob to control the waveform of the Tremolo. Use the Shape control to vary the wave shape of the Tremolo. Turning the knob all the way to the left produces a choppy, square wave tremolo, while turning it fully clockwise produces a smooth ramp wave tremolo. You can use the Dry Mix control to control the Tremolo’s depth; as you add more Dry Mix the tremolo effect becomes less severe.

Presets 11 and 12 of the User Bank, similarly, simply alternate back and forth between the middle octave and either Octave Up or Octave Down voices; if you increase the Subdivision value to 32nd note, the effect of these presets becomes more like vibrato.

Once you’ve found a setting you like, you can use the Tap Tempo and Subdivision controls to rhythmically sync the Tremolo to other musicians. Alternatively, the pedal can be clocked via MIDI from a DAW or another piece of gear.

Once you’re satisfied with the changes you’ve made, the positions of all controls can be saved into a custom preset and stored in the Saved Bank. Simply hold down the outside two footswitches (the Tap & Hold switches) for two seconds. When the lights begin to blink turqouise, flip over to the Saved Bank, choose your desired save location with the Preset Knob, and hold down the outside two footswitches for another two seconds. Now you will be able to instantly recall this custom preset.

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